' Dreamland '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

It's like a dance with wolves
in the blooming fields of the spring
all those Garland chrysanthemums
Sour Cherries, Dutch Crocuses
hyacinths, Lillies of the Valley
the welcoming Garden of Eden
It's like a vicious circle
round us and deep inside us
to the core of one's mind
and the deepness of one's soul

We never know who we are
or better to say
sometimes we know
and sometimes not
the Hamlet's dilemma
as before so now
and in the future
never ending game
with our mind and our soul

Shall we ever learn
who we are and what we want
and what is that thing
we call soul, so everlasting
as the spring around us ?
Yet we feel
deep in ourselves
something as great
as God's touch
and our soul
crowned as a virgin

Twilight of my being
twilight of my life
twilight of my heart
twilight of my soul
twilight of my mind
twilight of everything I am

And how not to shiver
how not to fall down
into an abyss
of the Titans
to destroy oneself
and get in peace
with the twilights
I am dealing with

Burned roses around me
and thorns under my feet
Raging winds in my mind
piercing pain in my soul
A landscape after a battle
the killing fields and rivers of blood
of what once was
a majestic spring

My Goodness, what's happening?
Why a man is murdering a man?
Why people fight with each other
for the sake of their tyrants
and not for their own liberties?
Say no, no to tyrants !
No to whoever else
who denies you your rights !

Vultures are circling
to kill everything
what's dear to you
to throw you into abyssl
and let you unwilingly catch hell
But your spirit, your determination
are larger than life !!

Despairing are angels
entrapped by demons
the dancing demons
Demons of war, not peace
bloodsuckers, the vampires
demons of destruction
the devil's demons

Clowns are dancing
phantoms singing
royals posing to medias' flashes
tyrants murdering innocents
the so called presidents
playing false games
a mosaic of strange features
growing stranger
with the passing time
all on the grave
of the planet Earth

Torn are our souls, indeed
torn are our bodies
torn are our minds
torn are our realities
vicious, with chains upon chains
in endless labyrinths
when it all could be
just normal, just a sunshine
splashed by the star of liberty

I feel my mind is on a fire
Not even the raging storms
are able to extinguish it
Fire and rain, fire and rain
nothing but fire and rain
and a deep sadness
in my mind and my soul

It is time indeed to get into
the Vehicle of Time
and depart, ones and forever
Goodbye my love goodbye
goodbye my dears goodbye
I shall never return
I am gone, forever
to my dreamland

Yet I am engulfed
by numerous ghosts
who want to poison me
with a tremendous nostalgia
asking me mercilessly
numerous questions
which are like arrows
piercing my mind
and my heart as well

Don't you miss, they ask
this world you left
far behind yourself ?
Those blooming chrysanthemums
chestnut oaks larger than life
bouquets of paradise alike roses
fragrant palm trees in Sahara
which are climbing up to the sky ?

Those giraffes without giving a loss ?
Those great expanses of space
from the Bird's Eye View ?
Those dancing stars
after drinking wine
in the color of blood
at one or another wild party
at Oriental Bay in Wellington
or any California's bays ?

Don't you miss
your priceless time
in places where you were born
and which you lived in
for long fruithful years ?
The Colorado skies
godlike Himalayas
New York skydrapers
Yorkshire villages
the Amsterdam's auras ?

Don't you miss
your beloved America
unforgettable New Zealand
Shakespearan Poland ?
All those things
which are on your mind
which are in your bloodstream
all your desires and dreams
you'll never forget ?
Don't you miss all these ?!

Yes, sure, I miss them all
so many of those things
but I am a warrior now
like that spaceship
which brought me here
to enjoy my new life
Oh, Vehicle of Time
My skyfall of skyfalls !!
Skyfall ...

Shining are stars now
in my restless mind
Shining are stars
in my frivolous soul
Shining are stars
and cloudless are skies
Shining stars
what a lovely dream achieved
Shining, shining
forever shining stars !

Oh, God Almighty, our Father
I have awoken from my dreaming
in the bosom of the Spring, the Virgin
feeling relieved I am back
My nightmares are gone
for I trust you, God, our Saviour
I thank you graciously
for this joyous Spring
of my life on Earth
so fascinating, so soulful
a dance of my soul
of my heart and my body
till the very Autumn of my life
I thank you God, our Creator, as much
for this fascinating Spring around me
Life-giving, abundant, welcoming
the Garden of Eden, indeed
Thanks God Allmighty, our Defender

' Dreamland ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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