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New York is not only All American but also the Mirror of the World. It's a place where the best of human thought became a reality and a proof all people and all philosophical ideas, all faiths and different sexual orientations can live happily alongside, despite some shortcomings. Why it's not possible in other places in this world ? Why? Because of disregard of freedom and of what it stands for.
I wouldn't associate freedom with just a sexual orientation, it's definitely more than that, all the human rights, to be able to live the way one wants, without fearing of the authorities, having also the means to live on a decent level and if we look from the point of view of all those immigrants living in New York and elsewhere, who were lucky to escape from their vicious regimes, freedom is also something about living in a democracy, no trace of a tyranny ...
Freedom is also about diversity, the more diversity the more freedom. This is what so many people are forgetting about in their own countries and allow one or another sort of tyranny. New York enjoys the most widespread diversity of thought, and all sorts of freedoms, and is a jewel therefore of the Free World.
Diversity is what counts the most, and it is the message to the world: go for diversity but in order to achieve a diversity freedoms can never be disregarded, never even in a single case. And on the contrary, freedom must be nurtured, cared for the most ...


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From my FB page: Most of the members of this forum are intelligent enough and know Israel is a democratic country which gives rights to all its citizen. I share this belief. However, the Palestinian problem should be finally realized, it's a homework for Israel and Palestinian right now. Of course, Palestinians should realize they need to go for genuine freedoms, secular democracy, elightenment and leave behind outdated Islamic (-st) ideologies which can never succeed inside Israel or even outside Israel in its vicinity. Both people should seek convergence instead of never ending Clash of Civilisations. I don't think removing members just for their views is right. We are not Soviet Union or a Nazi Germany !!

... you wrote that some "Hamas activists claim democracy is enshrined within Islam". It is on the contrary, unfortunately, as the reality in all Muslim countries worldwide shows it. The only chance, especially for Palestinians living next to Israel is endorsing a secular democracy and no messing never messing with a religion which should be left for private purposes of the citizen. It is especially of importance for Palestinians to avoid Clash of Civilisations with Israel. I have respect to every religion but NOT to a religion participating in political power structures, especially such a dominant religion as Islam which is saying to believers what they can and what they can't in every single aspect of life and every ten thousandth of a second, this is not right for power structures because there are minorities who are OUT of what Islam preaches: Christians, Jews, other religious minorities, gays and lesbians, other transgender individuals, atheists, and so on. Palestinians must thus realize the right political structure should be based on individual freedoms and secular democracy. This is something what needs yet to evolve among Palestinians, based at least from what I have witnessed so far ...


Choose PRAGMATISM, that means such a system in which ALL of US can feel good. Don't let your freedoms being taken away from you

I personally am of opinion Ukraine should become a future member of the EU and at the same time keep ties with Russia. Right now it is in the interest of EU and Russia to cooperate in helping Ukraine to overcome all difficulties the country is met with presently. So... all the actors in this scenario will be associated quite good with each other in the future EU - Russia - Ukraine in the East Pact as much as EU - USA and Canada in the West Pact ...


Create a just world !  Give a chance to Africa, guide them towards democracy and establish special fonds for developing their tourist infrastructure. Tourism is certainly a great chance for African countries...
/Thaddeus Hutyra/

Glass Curtain , a thriller by Thaddeus Hutyra

"Pielgrzym" Cypriana Kamila Norwida w You Tube, po polsku, holendersku i angielsku...

Szklana Kurtyna 
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Szklana Kurtyna
Powiesc sensacyjna: fenomenalna akcja zapierajaca dech, niesamowici bohaterowie z Polski i innych stron swiata, niezwykle przygody Tadka Vangarda, Stevena Mac Dantoscha,Melissy Charleroi i ich przyjaciol, wstrzasajace portrety anty-bohaterow, takich jak Carlos, Harry Gullivers i Andreyev Golubin, wydarzenia mrozace krew w zylach, milosc od pierwszego wejrzenia i wiecej....
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From my FB page ... Re what you write Islam and other religions are much older than democracy it is important to bear in mind that democracy flourished already in ancient Greece, long before Christianity and Islam. Once again about religion vice state affairs and politics it's a very fine thread between goodness and evil. While a religion in private is the singing of angels it is being transformed into the DEVIL'S TOOL in politics, whatever good are the intentions. Simply it is one of the God's laws/ political science laws which prove this transformation from goodness to evil. Whatever perfect are ideas of a priest when he becomes a politician he is no longer in servitude to God but is unknowingly becoming the tool of the devil, due to his unwillingness to accept anything different from what he preaches, and usually he is very firm about what he is preaching, a fire and sword in politics. The Founding fathers of America did foresse this and this is why they separated wisely state from religion and as you know ... all religions can freely flourish in the USA. Ordinary people cannot see those fine threads and do not understand how is it possible goodness can turn unitentionally into evil. Palestinian people need thus Founding fathers for themselves, letting them to choose personal freedoms and a secular democracy above all ...

New Egypt, new Middle East ... The revolution in Egypt is still far from being over. Women issues and also minorities' issues MUST get addressed. I am happy Adli Mansour, a top judge was chosen to run interim presidency. To restore rule of law cannot and must not mean giving absolute power to Muslim Brotherhood and their negation of minorities, and even mistreating minorities. And remember perhaps the most important: the future of a country depends on how minorities are treated. If minorities are treated badly the future of the country is bad, if minorities are treated good then the future of the country is great. It's simply a fundamental rule of life. This is why it is so important to add all the necessary guarantees to the Egyptian constitution protecting minorities from political and religious mistreatment.
EGYPT MUST HAVE SUCH STRUCTURES WHICH ENABLE "CHECK AND BALANCES" TO MAKE SURE NO DICTATOR AS MORSI IS POSSIBLE AND ALSO THAT MINORITIES ARE NOT COMPLETELY KICKED OUT BY MAJORITY. RIGHT DEMOCRACY IS BOTH MAJORITY AND MINORITY, WITHOUT MINORITY THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY ... If minorities get addressed in structural reforms of Egypt, best via creation of Bill of Rights then women will be protected constitutionally as well as any other minorities, as for example Baha'is, Copts and non believers. Protecting minorities is the key to success ...

The average turnout in the elections to the European Parliament was only 43 %, in Poland even less - 27 %, despite that Poles are enthousiastic about EU. The European Parliament must be made more visible to people by adding media's, TV coverages to every member of the Parliament and in every country. Only then next elections turnout will be higher.../from the thoughts of Thaddeus Hutyra/

In order to have better turnout in the future elections to the Parliament let organise it good already the first day the members are on their work, invite major TV stations, as CNN, BBC and other, allocate their time with particular members of the Parliament before and after the parliamentary sittings, make them hot and highly visible among the ordinary citizen of the European Union.People simply must eye and "smell " them many times a day, and the TVs are best suited for that, newspapers much less. The best performing members of the European Union should have a star alike status and perception among the European viewers. This will enable? high competition among the members of the European Union and as much high interest of the citizen of the European Union, enabling this way the success of this institution and the European democracy as a whole. Sincerely, Thaddeus Hutyra.2009.


My Poetry: Flames of Love, Flames of Freedom / Dreamland / Land of Adventure / Ode to Life / Sparks of Freedom / Freedom Now, Rise like a Phoenix / Phantom of the Soul

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From my FB page: It's very important to remind everyone, again and again, the credo of this forum: " ... Excerpts concerning a problematic issue for purposes of further clarification on the charter of 'The World Human Rights Center'.

" @M-(...): Thank you again for your incisive thoughts.

" M-(...): Thanks for the response. I'd like further clarification, so please bear with me a little more. If someone posts postings such as "Islam is evil", "Catholics are perverts", "Jews are monsters", "Islam teach kids to hate", how should moderators and members respond? "

By vigorously challenging their assertions, M-(...).

By utilizing the art of disputation.

Challenge their incorrect premises.

Refute their underlying assumptions.

De omnibus dubitandum .

'All is to be doubted (questioned)'

If a particular conversation descends into a series of ad hominem attacks then certainly moderators would step in to restore stability without silencing the parties involved... "


"If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington "


The individual at the cornerstone of the constitutional framework in future Iran ...
Respect to individual, in all fields from political ones to judicial ones, is absolutely crucial to creating a just society and equally just statehood. And, of course, respect to individual must be guaranteed constitutionally. Without a respect to individual there is a road to nowhere, a disaster ...
Iranian people need to get off the syndrome of submission as soon as possible. In my view it's more complex, not only the syndrome but also a perpetual Islamic brainwashing throughout centuries, furthermore lack of individuals of great calibre as for example the Founding Fathers of America who as the first one placed liberty on the throne, before anything, before even any religion, any ideology, any system. So we talk here also about a courage, an intelectual fight for the dignity of the individual who should be more important and more valued than any ideology. Americans were clever to place their justice system far above any politicians and their political maneuvres alongside the ideological winds....





Who you think is the “greener” candidate: Clinton or Obama? McCain or Romney?
The Republican candidates “smell” of “influence peddlers, the polluters… the Big Oil and the special interests”, as John Kerry once said. They represent big companies and special interests and thus give no damn about the climate threat. Hillary Clinton might be forthcoming to the issue because Al Gore, the great climate campaigner, was once the vice-president under the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton. I, however, keep my fingers crossed for…Barack Obama, believing that he might do a real change on behalf of climate if chosen a president, signing the Kyoto, cooperating with Al Gore, putting solar panels on every American household, turning industry and business green…
Americans should get it a honour in putting solar panels on every single house. The Europeans are already doing it! - /Excerpt from the thoughts of Thaddeus Hutyra,, 2007/

Time is to say "no" to war and using it as means of  solution.War must mean crime and must be totally unacceptable.
There are certainly thousands upon thousands of peaceful solutions which can give the effects the global community wants.
The Soviet Union’s empire fell down not through the means of war but through numerous other means.The same measures can be adapted against dictators of much smaller countries,against international and local terrorists and against any evil doers.United humanity can do wonders!…
Thoughts by Thaddeus Hutyra,Funworld
The Amazon Rainforest and tropical forests of Africa and South Asia which are the lungs of the entire world are dying on our eyes, due to the ruthless activities of the human beings, deforestation mainly. It is time now for all the countries to create a chapter proclaiming the rainforests so vital for the world that they must be protected as an absolute nessessity. 
In this order mechanisms have to be created which will enable the poor nations where the rainforests are based and their inhabitants to stay away from exploiting and deforestation of the forests. 
In this order too, the governments of the world should establish funds and rainforests' tax within their countries which would be supplied to the people of the countries where the rainforests are based, under a condition that the exploitation and deforestation stops. This should be an effort of every single country, under an umbrella of the United Nations. And it should be an effort many times more generous than the Marschal Plan. Our survival depends on it. Time is Now !
This is, naturally, one of the many efforts which the humanity must undertake, in order to stop the global warming. The European Union is best equipped to lead and should be joined by the United States, Russia, China, India, Brazil and all other countries, in a network far beyond Kyoto. Time is Now, indeed !

/Thoughts by Thaddeus Hutyra,Funworld./
The evil of all sorts happens,paradoxically in those countries in which there is no seperation of religion and state.A religion,any religion is for preaching and not for running state affairs.Once a religion is at the helm of state it becomes an angel falling to hell,simply,because a religion is a source of fundemental truths and,therefore,as enemy to liberal views,throws fanatical fires of total intolerance against those who disagree.
Time for a modern world,the one in which there is a place for everyone !
Thoughts by Thaddeus Hutyra,May'2003.

Oh, Heroes of EuroMaidan !
Berkut is storming your barricades
and you, the peaceful protesters
Water cannons, live ammunition
are being used
They want you get terrorized
they want you get killed
they, the traitors
on the Kremlin's orders
Oh, Heroes of EuroMaidan
you want nothing more
but freedom
back to Europe !

Ukrainian people
you're bathing right now in blood
rivers of blood
at the EuroMaidan
your Independnce Square
Liberty and enlightenment
are also bathing in blood
rivers of blood
The police squad launched
a brutal attack
shortly after 4 a.m.
A number of protesters
the freedom fighters
were murdered
their souls still wondering
around the Maidan Square.

Don't surrender, Ukrainians
don't let Putin
who is pulling the strings
to win over you.
Ukraine can never again
be subordinated to Russia
Never again !!
Fight back, Ukrainian people
cause Ukraine must belong to you
and not to those Kremlin thugs
wanting to bring you down
as they did for centuries
Defend your EuroMaidan, people of Ukraine
for the light of enlightenment
shining here, at the Maidan Square
is stronger than rivers of blood

Remember the Declaration
of Independence of Ukraine
The Euromaidan One
the sub-freezing temperatures
and snow never melting down
as then so now
Yes, liberty must come
to Ukraine
Don't backdown, heroes of EuroMaidan
fight back
catch the Star of Liberty
and bring her home
to Ukraine
forever !!

' Heroes of EuroMaidan ! ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra

There was the G20 meeting recently and enormous amount of money was allocated for numerous purposes. What concerns Africa, I think the develpment of the turist infrustructure in the whole of the continent would be absolutely the best solution. Once there is the tourist infrustructure there a lot of rich and middle class Europeans and Americans will travel to Africa as tourists, and will leave there a lot of money necessary to bring up the living standards of the local people.
Give then a chance to Africa, guide them towards democracy and establish special fonds for developing their tourist infrastructure. Tourism is certainly a great chance for African countries...

/Thoughts by Thaddeus Hutyra, 2009/