Marc Dutroux,Michel Fourniret, Fritzl
and other paedophiles and child killers


Net child porn at 'epidemic' scale

Operation Predator

US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Marc Dutroux's mother pleads against release

Belgium court denies Marc Dutroux release. A Belgian court has rejected a request by convicted child killer Marc Dutroux for early release...

Dutroux wil vrij met enkelband

Breivik trial ends in Norway with walkout by families

Dutch Catholic sex abuse exposed

Ronald Janssen zal hele leven in cel zitten

Child porn arrests across Europe

  An offender describes chemical castration: 'I was chemically castrated'...

Polish president signs chemical castration law

A portret of a beast, a guy with animal power and indifferent society: The Fritzl fiasco...

Palestinian boy hanged for...

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Irish church knew abuse 'endemic'

Child Abuse Commission

DNA 'backs Austrian incest claim'...
Cellar incest girl 'will recover'

Find Madeleine
Missing Kids website/Ecpat

...thousands of child sex slaves in the UK...

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre


Belgium's Dutroux jailed for life
Child murderer jailed for life
Belgian child-killer sentenced to life 
in prison
Levenslang en tbs voor Dutroux
Child killer convicted in Belgium
Verdict in Dutroux murder trial
Belgium weighs Dutroux verdict
Belgian papers hail Dutroux verdict
Fin du procès mercredi?
Dutroux in final
 courtroom appeal
Child rapist Dutroux 
in final plea
Experts: 'Dutroux a psychopath'

How Fourniret slipped through the net

Global alliance to fight online child abuse

The borderless crime against children

New incest case with Fritzl echoes shocks Austrians. Police in Austria have arrested a man suspected of imprisoning and sexually abusing his two daughters in his village home over 40 years.

Josef Fritzl sentenced to life imprisonment

Fritzl hears daughter's testimony...

Rescued Cleveland women 'repeatedly raped by captors'

Cleveland police set to interview women's 'kidnappers'

Ohio women were held with ropes and chains, police say

Child prostitutes rescued in US...

Life sentence for French killer
The couple who 'hunted virgins'...
French 'serial killer' on trial...
French killer forced into court...

Levenslang voor moord Stacy, Nathalie

Verdwenen meisjes dood gevonden

Lichaam meisje gevonden in Luik

Fourniret refuses to assist murder reconstruction

Outreau's Pedophile Ring Arrests

Unraveling Fourniret

Michel Fourniret
(Prime Time Crime)

US arrests 190 in child pornography crackdown

Family Watchdog, USA

US coach Jerry Sandusky guilty of Penn State child sex abuse

US Catholic priest convicted of sex abuse cover-up

US kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard has said her life was stolen when she was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido at the age of 11, and she hated every second of her 18 years in captivity.

Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children

Child deaths
Why are so many children being killed in America?

België bekijkt ook andere moorden

Belgische man bekent derde moord

Levenslang voor 'Monster van Ardennen'

Seriemoordenaar Fourniret voor rechter.../De slachtoffers van Fourniret

French forestry worker Michel Fourniret, who is 62.....confessed to raping and killing six girls over a 15-year period...
Frenchman 'admits child murders'
Child killer made home a grave
Boswachter bekent zes moorden
Fourniret admits to two more murders
Sex killer butchered virgins as wife watched

Video and Audio, BBC...


Internet Watch Foundation

De zaak-Fourniret

How Fourniret slipped through the net
Fourniret : neuf affaires à dêméler
Michel Fourniret pourrait être lié à trois autres meurtres d'enfants
Affaire Fourniret: la possible résolution d'au moins sept autres affaires
L’un des deux corps enterrés à Sautou est celui d’Elisabeth Brichet
Fourniret gesteht noch zwei Morde
Tweede lijk bij kasteel gevonden

Child Safety and the Internet 

Protect This website offers a variety of tools for children and parents to learn more about cyber space protection. 

Six men jailed for Portugal child sex abuse

Paedophile 'librarian' is jailed.../CEOP

France sentences sex ring members
A French court has sentenced five people at the heart of one of the country's biggest child sex trials...

Dutroux victim 
confronts abuser

Court courage of child rape 

'Why didn't you kill me?' victim asks Dutroux

See No Evil, Hear No Evil...

Welke straffen riskeren Dutroux, Martin, Lelièvre en Nihoul?

I'm a small fish, not a murderer says Dutroux


Mom boycotts Dutroux trial

Father attends Dutroux trial

Dutroux 'buried victims alive'

Dutroux wife 'let girls starve'

Madeleine McCann/CNN

Austrian 'hid daughter in cellar'...


Belgium court backs Marc Dutroux ex-wife convent move

Dossier Dutroux
In Dutch/In het Nederlands

L'affaire Dutroux

Dutroux 'a psychopath who knew what he was doing'

Dutroux a 'pure psychopath', say analysts

Twists and turns at Dutroux trial

Alleged child killer 
dozes off

Belgium re-opens "trans-century" child 
murder trial

"Politie wist van plannen 

I was in pedophile ring: Dutroux

Trial torments Belgian town

Dutroux Victim 
Tells of Her 

Belgium's Dutroux was a "manipulator"

Dutroux worked for sex network

Dutroux's wife turns on him

Dutroux a 'small fish,' his lawyer tells jury

Dutroux 'part of pedophile network'

Dutroux lawyer blasts prosecutors

Profile: Marc Dutroux

Belgian justice 
on trial with Dutroux

Belgian kidnap victim tells story

Dutroux affair haunts 
Belgian police

Dutroux :
slachtoffers,het onderzoek....

Dutroux betuigt spijt

Dutroux lashes out at media 
as trial resumes

De zaak-Dutroux

Monster of zielenpoot?

Proces-Dutroux vlot uit 
de startblokken

En Dutroux? Die slaapt...

Het proces-Dutroux

Marc Dutroux

Garridos plead not guilty in Jaycee Dugard kidnapping

2 alleged Marc Dutroux victims were buried alive, Belgian investigator says

Belgium's Dutroux on trial, 
urged to tell the truth

How Dutroux case shocked a nation

Dutroux's wife was 'a bullied wreck'

"Ook Michel Lelièvre is psychopaat..."
Echt zo? 
Niet aanvaarden de normen van de maatschappij mag niet betekenen dat u 
een psychopat bent...
Hij was waarschijnlijk een verslaafde jongen
 die op het slechte moment bij 
Dutroux werd terechtgekomen....

Belgian charged for creche attack

Fataal steekincident op Vlaamse crèche
'Crèche voorgoed dicht'


Sabine Dardenne legt getuigenis af

Dutroux insisted he had been a mere cog in a wider paedophile network...
"Just because I did some stupid things doesn't mean I should have to pay for a mafia system of which I wasn't the motor," VTM television quoted him as saying.

Lawyers blast 'monster' label

Marc Dutroux dossier Wikileaks

Belgium: Dutroux dossier summary

Portret Marc Dutroux
Slachtoffers kijken uit naar 
proces van de eeuw
De slachtoffers: An en Eefje
De slachtoffers: Sabine en Laetitia
De slachtoffers: Julie en Mélissa

US kidnap survivor 'doing great' ...

Psychiaters vinden Fourniret niet gestoord - 11/09/2004

Juryleden gekozen in zaak-Dutroux

Dutroux op Skynet

Het Proces Dutroux
De Standaard 

Wegwerpscheermesje gevonden in celwagen Marc Dutroux

Serafien, beschermengelen voor kinderen/Teken voor Serafien

McCann alert 'could have helped'...
Could Europe alerts stop abductions?
French alert system (in French)
Find Madeleine

Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War

Marc Dutroux: voer voor psychologen

Marc Dutroux
One of the most notorious 
criminals in Belgium....

Polski wątek w sprawie
 belgijskiego pedofila

Justice on trial with Dutroux

Dutroux not working alone, jury told

One of many chapters of 
"Glass Curtain",a thriller

Author:Thaddeus Hutyra

No to autisme!
Sloop de muur van onverschilligheid!
Wees niet autistisch 
tegenover autisme!
Help een kind met autisme!
Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme
Groot Begijnhof 14
9040 GENT


Sex assault link to girl's death

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

'I was a scapegoat' 
says Dutroux cop

Belgian kidnap victim tells story

Le sombre portrait de Marc 
Dutroux par le juge 

Dutroux prison letter
 broadcast in Belgium

Vatican 'speeds up' abuse cases


Bélgica: juicio a Marc 

Belgiens 11. September - der
 Fall Marc Dutroux

National Center for Exploited and Missing Children

The childhoods blighted by war...

Marc Dutroux perd son principal avocat

Inició juicio contra presunto 
pederasta belga Marc Dutroux

Het Proces Dutroux
De Standaard Online

'We will do what Allah has instructed us': ...victim was a 13-year-old girl who had been raped but in place of justice she was sentenced to death by stoning...More than 50 men threw stones at her...What a bestiality!

IWF 2006 Annual and Charity Report [1.2MB]

Belgium´s Dutroux Trauma

Child killer Colin Hatch 'murdered' in secure prison

Missing girl 'found 18 years on'

The Police Notebook-This resource contains a slideshow featuring information on how children can protect themselves on the Internet and in other situations as well.

Top Internet Safety Tips for Parents-Compiled by the Family Online Safety Institute, this resource features of list of top ten Internet safety tips for parents and their children.

McCanns lobby MEPs on alert plan...

Iran execution provokes outrage: Ms Darabi, an artist, had said she was innocent.
She said she had taken the blame to save her boyfriend....

Delara Darabi, the Prisoner of Colors

Help Stop Child Executions!

Stop Child Executions

Help Stop Child Executions: child martyr, 13-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow...

Enough is Enough- Enough Is Enough is an educational organization who seeks to educate and protect children online.

FBI: Kids Safety Tips- A collection of safety tips for young children compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

La mère d'Élisabeth pleure sa fille, Fourniret garde le silence
Fourniret : 30 disparitions et 
meurtres réexamines
Les Fourniret, récit de chasse aux jeunes filles
Fourniret affirme qu’il n’a «rien fait» de 1990 à 2000, selon son avocat





De zaak-Fourniret,NOS.NL
Le pédophile Marc Dutroux renvoyé aux assises, la thèse du réseau écartée
De kinderen van Dutroux
Dutroux Links
In Planet Internet

Bosnian couple 'enslaved German girl'


Dutroux to face jury trial

Dutroux says he procured 
girls for Belgian network

Dutroux affair haunts Belgian police

Girls held as cellar sex slaves for three years

Dutroux jailed for escape

Marc Dutroux
From Wikipedia,
 the free encyclopedia

Police Labelled Huntley 'Serial 
Sex Offender' Three Years 
Before Murders

Ten convicted 
in France sex case

Child Killers



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DNA 'backs Austrian incest claim'...

Brazil: girl was arrested and placed in a police cell alongside others occupied exclusively by male prisoners...

MSN Worldwide

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Islamic Relief

Care International

Sinds februari 2003 is Darfour,Sudan,het toneel van een verschrikkelijke slachting.Gewapende milities plunderen de streek en vermoorden de bevolking.Duizenden mensen slaan noodgedwongen op de vlucht...
 250 000kinderen verkeren in levensgevaar...Er is ondervoeding...
We moeten dringend reageren en solidair zijn.
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Zal u in Congo een kind het leven redden?
Artsen Zonder Vakantie doet hierbij een dringend beroep op u!
Adres: Artsen Zonder Vakantie (Internationale Medische Samenwerking Africa vzw)
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Artsen Zonder Vakantie/Médecins sans Vacances/Medics Without Vacation

Russian Children's Fund (in Russian)

Wist u dat in Vlaanderen nog steeds kinderen en jongeren in ellendige omstandigheden leven?...In 6 ruime woningen in Bonheiden en Puurs vangen wij 50 kinderen op die om diverse redenen niet meer thuis kunnen verblijven...Wij maken het ons moeilijk door onze kinderen alle kansen op een hoopvolle toekomst te willen aanbieden.Want daarvoor hebben we meer geld nodig dan de subsidies die we ontvangen voor onze 50 beschermelingen....
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Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme
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Plea for release of Iraq hostage


Anders Breivik describes Norway island massacre: Testifying before an Oslo court, he described seeing people curled up and "completely paralysed" as he reloaded his weapon and shot them in the head...

Breivik appears for last day of evidence in Norway trial

Norway youth camp attack kills 84
At least 84 people died when a gunman opened fire at a Norwegian island youth camp, police say, after a bomb attack killed seven in Oslo.

Twin terror attacks shock Norway

84 dead in Norway shootings







Tragedy in Beslan: Lessons to be learned

Two terrible months of sex slavery for 16-year old Svetlana

The Austrian man who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years often spent nights in the cellar...

Child sex trial opens 
in France

For Victims of Tsunami in Asia

Disasters Emergency Committee/World Food Programme/Medicins Sans Frontieres/Oxfam/Islamic Relief/Unicef/
Save the Children/Care International/
Cafod/Islamic Aid/Muslim Hands/British 
Red Cross
/Medair/World Vision/Christian Aid/Tearfund/Concern/International Rescue Committee/Salvation Army/
Muslim Aid/UN refugee agency/UNHCR/
Christian Aid/Action Aid/Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force/

Josef Fritzl 'dreams of being freed to care for wife'

Vigilantes Troll for Pedophiles

Internet Crimes Against Children

Child Safety on the Information Highway
By Lawrence J. Magid



The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices

Advocate for the Victims. Demand justice from our Communities

Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Case of Diagnostic Confusion

Fidel Castro: "Bush couldn't debate a Cuban ninth-grader"

Two terrible months of sex slavery for 16-year old Svetlana

Man molested own children

Prosecutors try to keep child sex abuser locked up


Innocence in Danger

The Treatment of Sexual Deviation Using a Pharmacological Approach...

Deviant Sexuality

"...there are at least 2 million psychopaths in North America; the citizens of New York City have as many as 100,000 psychopaths among them..."

"Psychopaths are social predators who..."

Crimes against children

Missing children warning

Children -

Child molester gets life under 'three strikes' law

100 sex predators arrested, AG says

She had been brutally raped and strangled...

Sexual deviation


THE PSYCHOPATH The Mask of Sanity

The World of Psychopaths

The following are among the aid agencies accepting contributions for those affected by the earthquake and tsunamis in Asia: International/
Action Against Hunger/American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc./Association for India's Development/CARE/World Concern/
Catholic Relief Services/Christian Children's Fund/Church World Service/Direct Relief International/Doctors Without Borders/
Food for the Hungry, Inc./International Aid/International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies/International Medical Corps/International Rescue Committee/Lutheran World Relief/MAP International/Mercy Corps/Network for Good/Operation USA/
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