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In the heart of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Georgia, the country which is as European as any other European country, with strongly pulsating warm Christian heart...

Video and Audio, BBC

In pictures: Artwork under the hammer for charity

Gdansk, the Polish seatown
at the Baltic sea/
A photo retrospective
 Snow leopard wins top photo prize

Audio slideshow: Loving and living with Alzheimer's


Pope and Vatican on You Tube

Audio slideshow: From the Afghan archives

The ride and the rider...UNBELIEVABLE!! Filmed in Scotland.


Fun: Organ Theft Prank! / PARANORMAL GHOST PRANK / Cheating Prank Turns Into SUICIDE PRANK / Vitral Brothers / BEST MINI PRANKS 2014 by ViralBrothers / Mutant Giant Spider Dog / SA Wardega


Balcony kisses seal royal wedding.
Prince William and Kate Middleton have kissed twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding service in Westminster Abbey.

Maxime Gobet Photography

Maxime Gobet Photography on Facebook, On Tumblr, and in Flickr


Holocaust of Palestine:
In pictures: Inching into Gaza

In pictures: Entropa installation

David Cerny

Ethiopia, the heavenly north and tribal south

In pictures: Prince Charles turns 60


Brussels in photos

Harbour of Antwerp, the industrial part


In pictures: New York plane crash

Pulitzer Prize



Pictures at Crystal Graphics

America’s Christmas Cards
America's Christmas Cards has a wide variety of religious Christmas cards for businesses and families.  Personalize and preview your holiday cards right on our web site...

Golf's Art Gallery

Crystal Graphics

Funworld Videos & Funworld Videos 2

In pictures: Anti-Putin rally quashed...


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