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Een praatbarak, een bordeel en een luxe-rustoord voor politici

The US military is a bigger polluter than more than 100 countries combined

Drie Amerikaanse bedrijven controleren meer dan een derde van de Oekraïense landbouwgrond

Chomsky's Philosophy

Noam Chomsky
- The Crimes of U.S. Presidents

Frank Snepp CIA Officer Planting Stories In The News To Misinform Americans

US confirms 'communications' with Kremlin

Russia's uncertain future a product of its past

Russian commanders discussed using nuclear arms in Ukraine, says US

Biden warns Putin not to use tactical nuclear weapons...

Russian activist writes letters from jail

Mass exhumations at Izyum forest graves site, in Ukraine

Bestialities of Russian military group Wagner

Ukraine urges Europe not to wobble on war support

Fox News settles Dominion defamation case for $787.5m

Fake Trump arrest photos: How to spot an AI-generated image

This "the wealth generated by the monumental inflation of assets their parents bought decades ago" , prices of the houses, apartments and flats are rising in frightening tempo, the devide between the rich 10 percent and poor 90 percent, due to the flawed policies and unproportionality of collecting tax favouring the wealthy (minimal tax) at the expense of the average citizen (higher tax), many other issues which cause a rising divide and ultimately also a danger of fall of democracy...

EXPOSING the UFO Secret Space program - Interview with Dr. Michael Salla /anti gravity craft, reverse engineering, anti gravity technology and more/ 

We are not alone !

Perhaps the first step into the real UFO like vehicles... Yet free energy technology needed... See the UFO-like vehicle takes flight in China...

What is Bill Gates' plan with his mRNA vaccines? Gates funded the largest mosquito-growing facility in the world. A two-story building in Medellín, Colombia, is producing 30 million modified mosquitos per week.

EU Backs Controversial Dutch Plans To Shut Down Farms In Bid To Reduce Nitrogen Emissions


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